Driven by the desire for both hiding and being seen, the theme of revealing and concealing overarches my work. Departing from the urge to escape eye-contact when passing by strangers in public space in fear of encapsulating judgement, I spent last year researching complications experienced around the expectations one places upon the self through others and published this research in a limited edition, titled Escaping the Gaze.
In line with this theme, I often find inspiration embedded in hair. I am interested in what it means to me and those around me; how do we relate to our own hair, and how do we relate to that of others? What prejudices and expectations are cast upon physicality and what role does hair play here?
For example, I recently created a new sculpture fusing long grey hair and a shower head, exploring a dilemma arising upon women who choose to keep their hair long after a certain age. Doing so isn't as straightforward as it sounds, as both social judgement and decrease of hair quality may endanger the possibility of long locks. Making the cut might show to be a permanent decision, whereas when keeping the
hair long, external pressure remains as much as the option of going short. As this dilemma unfolds, the hair remains a focal point especially when showering and nurturing it, as hair and water merge and make their way for the shower drain.
Valuing ‘the real’ over representation for its ability to connect to lived experience, it is logical for me to incorporate pre-existing objects into my work. As a result, it most frequently takes the shape of assemblage.

Rio Drop (b. 1992, Vlaardingen, the Netherlands) obtained her Bachelor's degree from the Royal Academy of Fine Art The Hague. After graduating in 2022, she relocated to Örebro, Sweden, where she previously received foundational artistic training.
Her work emerges from concept, letting materiality follow after this. As a result, her practice extends over a variety of media, such as sculpture, installation, video, print and performance. Valuing ‘the real’ over representation for its self-referentiality and its ability to connect to lived experience, she incorporates pre-existing objects into her work. It most frequently takes the shape of assemblage. Recent works have focussed on the themes of loss and resilience, reclamation of the body, and expectations placed upon womanhood.
In 2021, she was the first resident of artist collective KonstBunkern’s summer studio programme. The residency culminated in the exhibition skin (textile) body, to which she invited the artist Daria Edström as a collaborator. In addition to her studio practice, Drop teaches art theory at Örebro Art College, with a focus on practical exercises to prepare students to work independently in the field of art.
Previous solo exhibitions include Point of view at Bunkern Gallery, Örebro (2018) and Let Your Hair Down at The Contemporary Garage, Örebro (2017). Her work has been included in exhibitions in Sweden, Denmark, The Netherlands and Malta.

2019 - 2022     Bachelor of Fine Arts, Royal Academy of Art, The Hague NL
2016 - 2019     Fine Art Foundation, Örebro Art School, Örebro SE

Solo exhibitions
2021     Sommarresident, Paviljong Lux, Örebro SE
2018     Point of view, Bunkern Gallery, Örebro SE
Let your hair down, The Contemporary Garage, Örebro SE

Duo exhibitions
2021     skin (textile) body, with Daria Edström, Paviljong Lux, Örebro SE
Rio Drop & Charlotte Ostritsch, Galleri Exposé, Örebro SE

Group exhibitions
2024     Konstfrämjandet Bergslagen, Örebro SE (upcoming)
2023     Samutställning, Haiku Gallery, Örebro SE
             Pop-Up Festival, Pop-Up Arts, Copenhagen DK
2022    Vi Iakttar En Tyst Minut, Lindbacka Galleri, Örebro SE
             Graduation exhibition, Royal Academy of Art, Den Haag NL
             (Post)Human Imaginaries, Spaarnestad Photo, The Hague, NL
2021    As Is, Where Is, Royal Academy of Art, Den Haag NL
            Review, Trixie, Den Haag NL
2019    Things Will Change, TENT, Rotterdam NL
             Up and Coming, Örebro Konsthall, Örebro SE
2018    Mahalla festival: Generating New Narratives, Diyalog Dernegi, Valletta MT
             Svensk Konst Nu!, Nora Art, Nora SE
             Slättens Vårsolanche, Galleri Slätten, Malmö SE

2021    1/1 - This Is Not a Copy, This Is an Exhibition, Royal Academy of Art, Den Haag NL

​Grants and residencies
2023    Artistry Development Grant, Konstnärscentrum Mitt
             International Grant - Culture, Region Örebro Län
2021    Summer Studio Residency, KonstBunkern SE
2018    International Grant - Culture, Region Örebro Län SE
             Studio Scholarship, Örebro Art College SE